All Inclusive Retirement Packages Launching in Pattaya

Apr 30, 2019 | Lifestyle

An interesting concept is being launched in Pattaya on 1st May which will certainly be a game changer for many people wanting to retire here on a budget.

Advertised as “All you can eat, drink and sleep for 15,000thb.”

“Includes: Accommodation, over 4,000 properties around town. Unlimited drinks. Free draft beer and local spirits in over 50 beer bars and Agogo bars.”

“Unlimited food, free food in over 50 places around town and free to your door.”

I’m sure some people will be skeptical and have concerns over how this offer is made possible. Its only natural to jump to assumptions when something seems too good to be true. Thailand Retirement Plans welcomes the concept with open-arms. Especially if it enables more people to retire to Thailand each year.

Lets take a look the information Love Pattaya provided us regarding the inclusive packages being offered so far;

Q. How can you afford to do this?
Our calculations are made from figures derived from several other businesses within our group. We are also working with many businesses using a “barter system” where by we are trading goods and services to leverage what we have, keeping the costs low.

Pattaya’s real estate market being a little over saturated is also a contributing factor making all this possible. We’re managing to acquire rental properties well below market value.

We have formed agreements with multiple businesses in every area of Pattaya and can offer standard lifestyle packages enabling people to live full time for as little as 15,000 THB a month that’s under $500 USD.

We can also offer holiday packages from 10,000 THB per week.

Q. Will there be different tiered packages Available?
Yes, we will have standard packages then the ability to upgrade to packages that include fine foods, whiskeys and wines.

Their will also be options to have the following services included in your package –

Cleaning service
Taxi service
Schools – international,local, and. language
Hair and beauty
Dental work
Health insurance
Gym membership
And many more

Q. Can I book for just 1 month?
Yes but not at the same rate. Please see below the rates for shorter periods.

The price quoted of 15,000 THB is for 1 year
For shorter terms please see below –

6 months plus 10% – 16,500 THB per month
3 months plus 25% – 18,750 THB per month
1 months plus 50% – 22,500 THB per month

Weekly – 10,000 THB
Daily – 4,000 THB

*Daily and weekly us subject to availability in certain buildings due to legalities.

Q. I own my condo can I just the food and drink package?
Yes the standard package is 10,000 THB per head per month for 1 year agreement.

Q. Do you have information on any of the businesses participating in this concept?
We already have agreements with multiple businesses in the following industries –

Agogo bars
Beer bars
Sports bars
Restaurants (of various types of cuisine)
Massage shops
Hair dressers
Tourist attractions
Taxi companies
Golf courses

We will be working hard to increase the number of this significantly.

Q. What type of property is available and what are the different rates?
25sqm Condos
Laguna beach 1 – 25sqm studio – 15k p/m
CCR – 25sqm studio – 23k p/m

30sqm Condos
The peak towers – 30sqm studio – 24k p/m
The base – 30sqm 1 bed – 50k p/m

36sqm Condos
Unix – 36sqm 1 bed – 35k p/m
Centric sea – 36sqm 1 bed – 40k p/m
The avenue – 36sqm studio – 30k p/m
The club house – 36sqm studio – 30k p/m
Parklane – 36sqm 1 bed – 15k p/m
Paradise park – 36sqm 1 bed – 16k p/m
Amazon – 36sqm 1 bed – 18k p/m
The Cliff – 36sqm studio – 22k p/m

50-80sqm Condos
The sands – 50sqm 1 bed – 55k p/m
The urban – 52sqm 1 bed – 38k p/m
Elegance – 70sqm 1 bed – 50k p/m
Nordic terrace – 83sqm 1 bed – 40k p/m

House & Villas
Jomtien park villas – 3 bed – 80k p/m

Please note the prices above are for 1 person please see the following surcharge’s –

Extra adult – 10,000 THB
Change studio to 1 bed – 10,000 THB
Change 1 bed to 2 bed – 10,000 THB

Plus more condo developments, housing developments and stand alone developments coming soon.

Interesting times ahead for Pattaya expats and business owners. Thailand Retirement Plans see this as a massive game changer for those people looking for early retirement to Thailand or anyone living on a budget.

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