How to Get a Driving License in Thailand


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How to get a driving license in Thailand Introduction

If you would like to drive a car or motorcycle, while visiting Thailand, you are required by law to hold an international driving license. When asked for, you need to show your international driving license along with your a copy of your passport.

If however, you’re moving to Thailand permanently, you’ll probably want to get a Thai driving license instead.

Applying for your Thai license

For those who are staying in Thailand permanently, you can apply for a driving license at the Department of Land Transport or a Provincial Land Transport Office with the following documents:

  • Passport with appropriate visa, except tourist visa (original and photo copy)
  • Proof of residence in Thailand attested by your embassy or work permit (original and photo copy)
  • Original health check-up certificate, valid not more than one month from the date you apply for the temporary driving license
  • International driving license or national driving license with a translation into English or Thai language, attested by your embassy (in case the original is not in English)

For further information, please contact the Department of Land Transport in Thailand
Again, check here for Non-immigrant OA Application requirements

The cost of a Thai driving license

The entire cost for taking the test and getting your Thai driving license is around 300THB for a two-year temporary license and 600THB for a five-year license.

A fee of 300 – 500 THB is charged for certifying the applicant’s letter of address in Thailand.

The standard fee for the doctor’s certificate from a clinic is around 50-200 THB.

So, the cost of a 5-year driving license will cost around 1300THB when doing it yourself.

The pro’s and con’s of Using an agency

You can apply for a driving license directly with the Department of Land Transport or a Provincial Land Transport Office yourself, with very minimal fees, around 1300THB for a 5-year license.

Going it alone can be a very time consuming and possibly stressful route to take. There’s no need to apply through any agency where you may be charged unnecessary extra fee for the service, as we’ve explained in the previous section. But, it is a very popular approach many expats choose to take.

Benefits of using an agency
  • They fill out all the application forms for you correctly
  • They pick you up, take you to and from the Department of Land Transport office
  • They fast track you to the front of the queue. (this alone can save you hours of waiting around)
  • Greatly increase your chances of passing or approval with their connections in Land Transport office
The cons of using an agency

The only ‘Con’ that comes with using an agency is the cost.

We cant give an exact figure on what you’ll be charged, as this will differ from each agency. But, you should expect to pay anywhere between 3000-5000THB for their services. Depending on what license you’re going for.

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